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Festival Details

Saturday 26th November 2022

9.30am - 3pm

Bermagui Fishermen's Wharf

73/79 Lamont Street

Bermagui, NSW 2546

Community Concert

Performances by

Mark Gable - The Choirboys & 

Bec Caruana - The Voice


The Professional Fishers Association proudly presents the inaugural Taste of Seafood Festival in Bermagui!

The festival is set to attract locals and tourist alike with a fresh fish market, informative displays, cooking demonstrations, live music, and plenty of delicious seafood on offer.

It promises to be a fun day for the whole family.

Tricia Beatty, Professional Fishers Association CEO said "Taste of Seafood Festivals, being held throughout NSW, will raise awareness about local professional fishers and provide an opportunity for festival goers to see, feel and taste locally harvested wild caught seafood whilst interacting with members of the industry.

" It's an opportunity to educate the general public on the environmental sustainability of the NSW Seafood Industry. They will learn how it is caught, where it is stored and where they can purchase it" explained Gary Howard, PFA Chairman and NSW Commercial Fisher.

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